Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jerry and Dana's Wedding

This past weekend we went to Jerry and Dana's wedding.  The girls all had these funky feathers in their hair just like the one on Dana's dress.  They were crazy, but they worked.  It has really inspired me to take more pictures.  This was pretty much a photographers nightmare.  Even though I'm now where near a good photographer, it was a candle light service and the lighting was really low.  No flash allowed while they were on the alter.  So most of the pics I have are from before or after.  The "real" wedding photographer had some really strict rules for me.  So what I got was from the very back with my 70-300 mm lens.  I was just an amateur, but with Tommy in the wedding, it gave me something to do.  I am pretty happy with the shots I got.  If I were a "real" wedding photographer, I think I could get some really great shots.  Her camera was no better than mine, and I had all the same equipment if not better to do the job!  Dena, you interested in a weekend gig???? :)
These were the flowers.  They were pretty.  I had to edit this a bit, but I like it in the end.
This is Consuelo.....she was in the bridal party and just so photogenic!  I liked this one alot too.
And last but not least, Dana and Jerry.  Congrats and see you when you get home.