Friday, April 24, 2009

The Happiest Celebration on Earth!

Well, for Tommy's birthday, we decided to take advantage of the free admission ticket to the Disney parks. Zach's favorite is the Magic Kingdom. So it was really a no brainer deciding where to go. The only problem is that Tommy's birthday was on Easter Sunday. We managed to do Easter service at church on Saturday night, and wake up bright and early in hopes of beating the crowds!
Nana, Zach, Papa
This is Nana, Zach, and Papa on the ferry boat for the parking lot to the Magic Kingdom. It looks like a beautiful morning which it was. This was about 8:00am. Keep in mind we live a good half and hour from Disney. I was shocked that we all got out of the house in such good time. It was the best decision we made all day. We were able to walk right on to so many rides when we got there. We had a special birthday lunch planned for Tommy at 11:00.
Mom, Zach, and Pinnochio
Zach got Pinnochio for his birthday. He really loves to watch it at night. So, this was the first person of the day that we saw. What a lucky little boy. Mom waited in line, while Nana, Papa, Daddy, and Zach hit the restrooms. :) Now that's service!
One of the things he enjoys most is the parades. Here, Zach and Daddy are watching a stage show in front of the castle. They just caught the very end on our way to lunch.
Daddy and Zach
Nana and Papa got Daddy a special surprise for his birthday. Not to mention lunch and the day itself! Zach new about the surprise and kept the secret! What a good boy. Here is Daddy opening his gift. You can see the shear joy on Zach's face. He was so excited to give it to Daddy! It was a Happy Birthday ornament for the tree with the year on the back.
Buzz Lightyear ride
One of his favorite's, the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. This is us shooting all those space guys! Thanks Nana and Papa for a wonderful day!

Zach the baseball star!

Well, as most of you know, Zach is playing tball through the YMCA.  Tommy is the coach, and well, we have a team of nine 3/4 year olds.  :)  It is alot of fun seeing them.  They are so cute with all the "mistakes" they make.  Last week, Zach was playing first base.  When they through him the ball, he took it and ran to 2nd.  Then, Coach Doug was trying to explain that you need to touch the base when playing 1st.  So Zach proceeded to stand right on top of the base without budging.  Those poor little they came and Zach didn't budge!  Brandon is on our team too.  This is wonderful for the two of them to get to play together, we just have to break up the fights in the infield!  
Zach and Brandon tball
This is Zach and Brandon on the bleacher patiently waiting to bat. Their 1st game was April 4th, Zach's birthday! (You have to be 3 to play...whew, just made it!)
Zach batting
Zach is up to bat. He is number 1.
Zach running to 1st
That is Zach running to 1st, and Brandon is up next taking some practice swings. Watch out coach, 4 year old with a bat!
Zach tball
He is just beaming with joy over a great catch. :)

What an imagination!

Zach's crazy outfit
I know, I know, I have no time for this. So, here goes, our life the past 3 months in the next few blogs! :) Zach's imagination has completely taken off lately. Since he was about 2 1/2, he has been able to pretend and create his own things. Now, he loves to put together the craziest outfits! The black socks on his feet are his "batman boots." The orange ones on his hands are his "Buzz Lightyear gloves." The hat he made a preschool for St. Patrick's Day. And the bat...who knows how that fits in. :)
Z in laundry basket
This is him after I did the laundry. I think all kids must play in the laundry basket, but give me a break. He insisted that we build a bed in it. I think Daddy started this one. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Make good on a Promise...........

Well, we had to make good on a promise to Zach.  Potty training has not been the easiest thing in the world because of me having to go back to work.  So over Christmas break, I knew the time was here to potty train once and for all.  I set my mind to it, and we were going in full steam ahead, never looking back.  And that is exactly what we did.  Zach needed a little extra motivation for the hard part.  Getting one m&m just wasn't enough.  So, after some friendly advice from a neighbor, I decided that a good old fashioned reward was just what he needed.  I obviously don't remember my own potty training, but I'm willing to guess our mothers never went to such extremes!!  Anyway, the big reward was going to see Mickey Mouse!  Zach has been twice, once at 5 months old to see the Wiggles with Brandon.  And again, thanks to Jennifer, who let us in for free one day!  He was too little to remember either trip.  So, this was a BIG day!!!  (Sorry about the pics being out of order, I'm still trying to work out the kinks of the blogging) :)

This is about 5 minutes before they both fell asleep.  It was pretty cold by Florida standards on Saturday, but we went to any measure to make sure we made it happen.  This is the boys totally wrapped up at the castle.  We arrived that morning about 9:30 am and left about 9:45 pm. Mom and Dad were completely zonked the next day.
Who can go to Walt Disney World and not splurge on the gigantic lollipops!  Of course the inevitable......Zach dropped his on the ground and it broke into thousands of little pieces.  I thought for sure a melt down was moments away, but he took it like a big boy.  No tears!
The whole family with Mickey and Minnie.  The whole day depended on this.  Zach had been saying for days that he was going to tell Mickey that he went .......  on the potty like a big boy.  Luckily, he was so overwhelmed that he forgot to mention that. :)
This rivals Mickey Mouse for his favorite character!  He is in LOVE with Buzz Lightyear.  Zach spotted him a mile away.  "I want to go see that Big Buzz," he said.  So, he did.  With much delight, he hugged and hugged Buzz.
The best showcase of the friends.  We had such a wonderful time and are so glad that Brandon got to share in this special day with us.  I think Zach had a better time with Brandon around to share it with.  We all had a "magical" day with memories that won't be soon forgotten!  Of course, he's already asking when are we going again?

A Trip to Lexington Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky.......the horse capital of the world!  And UK Basketball!!! Finally, when we were in KY for Christmas, I took Tommy to Lexington, my college alma mater.  We saw his first ever UK Basketball game and took a tour of some local horse farms.  It was a wonderful trip, just husband and wife.  It really made me homesick, but I got to show off some of the most beautiful country in the world.....Kentucky!
This is Tommy and I with a very cooperative horse looking over our shoulder!  The traditional white horse fences have to be repainted every year and cost on the average $31 per foot.  The black fences are sprayed with a special asphalt substance that is safe for the horses and only need to be re-done every 5 years.  I paid close attention on the tour!!!
We saw Tommy's first ever UK Basketball game.  They played a no-name team, and it was a blow out.  Luckily for me I was focused favorite part of the game of course, the cheerleaders!  I don't know if most of you know, but I cheered in college for Transy (a small liberal arts college in Lexington just next door to UK).  We got the privilege of training with some of the UK cheerleaders. They hold more national championships that the Men's basketball team.  I think they've won like 13 out of the past 20 years.  Truly amazing!!  Anyway, this is the classic wildcat pyramid.  They do it EVERY game and it has been a long standing UK tradition.  Rupp Arena is unbelievable.  Tommy was even awestruck there.  It holds about 23,000 and almost EVERY game is sold out. This is college basketball people!  If only the Magic had this much support.
The famous Calumet Farms.  Over 1200 acres with 35 miles of white fences.  It has been used in several movies including "Seabiscuit" and "Dreamer."  Our trip was wonderful.  Thanks Mom and Nannie for keeping Zach and making it possible. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Santa Finally Arrived!

Santa finally arrived! What a long wait for a 2 year old. On particular night, Zach sat down on the edge of his bed, his head hung low, with a very sad frown on his face. When I knelt down and asked what was wrong, he replied, "Santa not coming to my house." This is where the explaining began. That no Santa wasn't coming tonight, be he WAS coming! So for many LONG days and nights, he patiently waited for Santa to come. And finally, IT WAS TIME! Santa was very good to Zach this year. He got so many new things. We have alot to be thankful for this Christmas. Sadly we didn't get any pictures of him opening his gifts, the video camera was enough. We decided to savor the joy of this Christmas on video! You'll just have to imagine the chaos and pure excitement on his face! Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas Eve with the Radivonyk's

On Christmas Eve we always go to Tommy's parents' house. It was a really nice night. The tree was beautiful, and Zach got lots of great stuff. His first ever Buzz Lightyear action figure, Woody, books, new Christmas pjs, a McDonald's play food set, and some nice new clothes! Thanks Nana and Papa!
Nana with Zach
Daddy and Zach in front of the tree. What a cute picture! Unfortunately, it was too hot for Zach to wear his complete Christmas gear. Daddy roughed it out and wore his new Christmas shirt with his first ever sweater vest! Super handsome honey!