Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fireproof Your Marriage

We started an ACTS class at church tonight titled "Fireproof Your Marriage."  It is obviously based on the movie.  So far it is wonderful!  Tommy and I  do well when we can be humble enough to self-reflect and realize what "I" am doing wrong instead of focusing on the what "you" are doing wrong.  The couples that are leading the class are super.  Because I am such a pleaser, I can tend to get stuck on feeling guilty for not doing this or that.  Or, not being the perfect church goer......we skip out for things like the farm, we are not in a LIFE group b/c of Zach and his hatred of the nursery, etc.  But, these couples, whom I've know from being involved in Choir, past Mom's club etc., are very down to earth.  Something about finding out that the people you see and think are perfect, really aren't, just makes me feel like life and marriage are doable for me.  We aren't all as perfect as we might think.  Marriage is work.  If it isn't work for you, then thank God tonight.  Especially right now.  To say that we are going through a stressful time in our lives is an understatement.  Mom gave me a wonderful CD from Anne Graham Lotz.  I am reminded tonight of what she says.  To paraphrase:  I don't want sympathy, I don't want attention, I don't want empathy; Just give me Jesus.  I am so thankful that out of all the things that aren't going so well right now, that at least I have a marriage that is committed.  It certainly isn't perfect, but giving up isn't an option.  

Friday, October 17, 2008

GAME 6 of the ALCS here we come!!!

I would not really call myself a baseball fanatic, but I must say, last night's game even had me excited!  Tommy and I scored tickets to see Game 6 of the ALCS in Tampa tomorrow.  (Of course, we'll be in Red Sox gear)  Tommy was basically in tears last night as the game was under way.  We turned off the tv, tivo running of course, and went to bed.  Sometime in the wee hours, we started getting text messages.  True Red Sox fans don't go to bed!!!  And, thanks to the friends we have on the west coast who forget we have real jobs and are sleeping.  Anyway, to make it short for those of you who really don't care, it was 7-0 in the 7th inning, Tampa Bay.  The Red Sox rallied back to win the game 8-7 in the 9th I think.  I was kind of drowsy. ;)  Tommy was jumping up and down in the middle of the night super excited that he gets to go to Game 6.  So, keep your fingers crossed for us that tomorrow the Red Sox win in TB and we don't have to witness the Rays winning and moving on to the World Series and crushing our dreams!!!  I'll post pictures when we get back.  I'm sure they'll be to die for, we are in the nose bleeds!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Picture People

Well, we always do Picture People for the boys on their birthday.  Robin has had alot going on lately, so this weekend was finally the time for Brandon's 4th Birthday pictures.  Of course, Zach went along.  Last time was a total disaster.  As out-going as Zach is, he totally froze up and wouldn't get anywhere near that lady with the camera.  So, it took a lot of creativity on my part to get him to smile.  Well....not that much creativity, just a little old fashioned bribery....."If you smile really good for your pictures, we'll go to Chuck E. Cheese's."  :)  As you can see, it worked like a charm!!!!  The boys had a blast at, as Zach would say:  "Chuck E Cheeze-its"  I guess I need to switch up his snacks a little!!

This one turned out so good of Zach.....he was so sweet. :)
Batman Zach
I'm not sure he'll be fighting off bad guys any time soon; he's the cutest, not-so-scary, batman I've ever seen!!!