Friday, April 24, 2009

Zach the baseball star!

Well, as most of you know, Zach is playing tball through the YMCA.  Tommy is the coach, and well, we have a team of nine 3/4 year olds.  :)  It is alot of fun seeing them.  They are so cute with all the "mistakes" they make.  Last week, Zach was playing first base.  When they through him the ball, he took it and ran to 2nd.  Then, Coach Doug was trying to explain that you need to touch the base when playing 1st.  So Zach proceeded to stand right on top of the base without budging.  Those poor little they came and Zach didn't budge!  Brandon is on our team too.  This is wonderful for the two of them to get to play together, we just have to break up the fights in the infield!  
Zach and Brandon tball
This is Zach and Brandon on the bleacher patiently waiting to bat. Their 1st game was April 4th, Zach's birthday! (You have to be 3 to play...whew, just made it!)
Zach batting
Zach is up to bat. He is number 1.
Zach running to 1st
That is Zach running to 1st, and Brandon is up next taking some practice swings. Watch out coach, 4 year old with a bat!
Zach tball
He is just beaming with joy over a great catch. :)

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