Sunday, October 5, 2008

Picture People

Well, we always do Picture People for the boys on their birthday.  Robin has had alot going on lately, so this weekend was finally the time for Brandon's 4th Birthday pictures.  Of course, Zach went along.  Last time was a total disaster.  As out-going as Zach is, he totally froze up and wouldn't get anywhere near that lady with the camera.  So, it took a lot of creativity on my part to get him to smile.  Well....not that much creativity, just a little old fashioned bribery....."If you smile really good for your pictures, we'll go to Chuck E. Cheese's."  :)  As you can see, it worked like a charm!!!!  The boys had a blast at, as Zach would say:  "Chuck E Cheeze-its"  I guess I need to switch up his snacks a little!!

This one turned out so good of Zach.....he was so sweet. :)
Batman Zach
I'm not sure he'll be fighting off bad guys any time soon; he's the cutest, not-so-scary, batman I've ever seen!!!


Dena said...

Seriously adorable!

Nicole and Jeff said...

So cute...I saw your blog on Tracie's blog. He's such a little man!

Jennifer said...

Hey, a little bribery works well in my house, too! hehe. What cute cute pictures!

Curt, Tracie and Ava said...

He is getting so big! I can't believe it! We all need to get together sometime after Christmas! :)