Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fireproof Your Marriage

We started an ACTS class at church tonight titled "Fireproof Your Marriage."  It is obviously based on the movie.  So far it is wonderful!  Tommy and I  do well when we can be humble enough to self-reflect and realize what "I" am doing wrong instead of focusing on the what "you" are doing wrong.  The couples that are leading the class are super.  Because I am such a pleaser, I can tend to get stuck on feeling guilty for not doing this or that.  Or, not being the perfect church goer......we skip out for things like the farm, we are not in a LIFE group b/c of Zach and his hatred of the nursery, etc.  But, these couples, whom I've know from being involved in Choir, past Mom's club etc., are very down to earth.  Something about finding out that the people you see and think are perfect, really aren't, just makes me feel like life and marriage are doable for me.  We aren't all as perfect as we might think.  Marriage is work.  If it isn't work for you, then thank God tonight.  Especially right now.  To say that we are going through a stressful time in our lives is an understatement.  Mom gave me a wonderful CD from Anne Graham Lotz.  I am reminded tonight of what she says.  To paraphrase:  I don't want sympathy, I don't want attention, I don't want empathy; Just give me Jesus.  I am so thankful that out of all the things that aren't going so well right now, that at least I have a marriage that is committed.  It certainly isn't perfect, but giving up isn't an option.  

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Marcie said...

You are so right Megan...Marriage is so hard! So many people don't see past wearing the white dress and picking the flowers!

We are the same way, giving up is not an option! So we try really hard to keep it happy and healthy. Just know you are not alone, you are never alone. :)