Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Radivonyk's Are Here
Well, to make a very long story short, we finally are able to post on blogger.  After like two years of being fed up with the compatibility blogger had for mac computers, I discovered a HUGE marketing secret!  I had signed up with my .mac account, and blogger didn't offer any editing help, so not knowing html, I quickly gave up.  I have admired from afar for a long time at all you other bloggers, until finally my good friend Dena bought a mac.  I was thrilled, but secretly very worried about how she was going to blog.  Sure enough, she signed in with a gmail account on her mac.  What would you know, all kinds of great editing buttons were right there on her mac!  I was like what????  When I signed in, they were gone.  SO, being the bright little one I am, and with a little help from maybe a computer guru, I decided to get a gmail account and give it a go.  AND.......here we are!  Who knew!  Mac must want you to use their iweb software to blog.  But, it wasn't what I was looking for.....so get ready all.  :)  We are here to blog!

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